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November, 2015
The President's Perspective

Uncommon Valor in the Line of Duty........Deputy Brandon W. Surratt & K-9 Hyco, Anderson County, South Carolina Sheriff's Office .....True Heroes

The American Police Canine Association is deeply saddened in the loss of one of our own K-9's this past month who died in the line of duty. On behalf of every member and member agency, we wish to extend our heartfelt sympathies and prayers to the family of Deputy Brandon W. Surratt and the Anderson County, South Carolina Sheriff's Office in the tragic loss of Police Service Dog, K-9 Hyco.

Deputy Brandon Surratt & K-9 Hyco, Anderson County Sheriff's Office, South CarolinaDeputy Brandon Surratt & K-9 Hyco, Anderson County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina

On October 21, 2015 Anderson County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a reported carjacking at a Dollar General Store on Highway 24 in Townville. Four suspects were believed to be involved in the crime. Deputies located the suspect vehicle and initiated a vehicle pursuit which led to the intersection of New Prospect Church Road. The suspects then ran from the vehicle on foot at which time Deputy Surratt released K-9 Hyco to engage the fleeing suspects. One of the suspects fired several shots at K-9 Hyco, striking him with numerous rounds as K-9 Hyco gave chase of the suspect at the rear of a building. K-9 Hyco was transported to a local Animal Hospital in attempts to save his life, in which he died a short time later. K-9 Hyco received full police honors in which he was laid to rest. Several hundred officers and members of the community and the American Police Canine Association were in attendance. K-9 Hyco's action's were nothing less than heroic. He will be honored by this association as a true hero and is an inspiration to our law enforcement K-9 profession.

Deputy Brandon Surratt & K-9 Hyco Standing in GymDeputy Brandon Surratt & K-9 Hyco Training

Deputy Brandon Surratt and K-9 Hyco served as a K-9 Team together for six years. The team received a A.P.C.A. President's Award for Professional Excellence in 2012 after obtaining a level III trailing certification. The team was certified in Patrol and Narcotics Detection. The American Police Canine Association will present its highest and most distinguished honor to Deputy Surratt and K-9 Hyco on September 28, 2016 at the the 2016 American Police Canine Association National Conference. The Uncommon Valor in the Line of Duty will be presented to this team for their heroic actions of October 21, 2015 in which K-9 Hyco, Anderson County Sheriff's Office gave the ultimate sacrifice which will never be forgotten. K-9 Hyco, may you rest in peace and to Brandon, may God bless you and give you comfort in your time of loss and sorrow.

Deputy Brandon Surratt & K-9 Hyco Training in GymDeputy Brandon Surratt & K-9 Hyco Lying DownDeputy Brandon Surratt & K-9 Hyco at Attention

The Upcoming Events Schedule is being lined up for 2016. Three training events have been posted on our website in which registration information is now available to our viewers. We encourage you to register early for these events that you are interested in attending. The 2016 A.P.C.A. Sniff-Off will be hosted by the Crown Point Police Department on March 5, 2016. Our Coordinators, Jeff Eldridge, Stanko Gligic and Dave Wilkins are laying out the red carpet again for this years attendees. If you like a buffet spread, these guys can't be beat!! Tons of the best food you'll ever get your hands on! Last year was amazing. Great conference and professionally done. Looking forward to this March! The Executive Board and the Accreditation Board will convene its annual Spring Meeting during this event. Election results will also be decided during this meeting for the offices of Accreditation Chairman and Director Position #5. Each of our regular membership should have received an unmarked ballot which was mailed to you by our membership chairman. We ask each of you to be sure to cast your ballot for the candidate of your choice and mail to the Election Chairman no later than February 28, 2016 so that your vote will be received and counted by the Election Committee at the 2016 Spring Meeting.

The 2016 A.P.C.A. North Carolina Spring Seminar will be conducted on April 18-20, 2016 in Cherokee, North Carolina. Our hosting agencies for this years seminar are the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Natural Resource Enforcement Department and the Cherokee Fire Department. This event promises to be an exceptional training opportunity for our membership. Captain Kenneth Maney and Sergeant Rick Queen will be this year's conference Coordinators. The event will offer problem solving, street based scenario training, classroom lectures and A.P.C.A. Certifications. We hope to see you in the Smokey Mountain Region this Spring!

Each of our members will soon be receiving their 2016 A.P.C.A. Membership Dues notice in the mail from our membership chairman. Please be sure to remit your dues no later than January 31, 2016. Annual dues are $50.00 per member and may be paid payable to the American Police Canine Association.

A big A.P.C.A. Welcome to our newest association members! We would like to welcome the each of you a dynamic and growing professional association. Welcome to David Godfrey, Dennis Roberts, Troy Bodinc, Daniel Osborne, Darin Cook, Steve Morgan, Gary Mattingly, Christopher Watkins, Scott Cornelison, James Wright, Robert Morgan, Melissa Newman, Jason Haycox, Michael Mitchell, Lee Stanley, Kelly Schroeder, James Goodwin, Joseph Cotterman, Aaron Crawford, Sutton Flick, Douglas Leonard, Cody StJohn and Michelle Weaver.

Sincerest Regards,


Mike Johnson, President
American Police Canine Association

September, 2015
The President's Perspective

2015 A.P.C.A. National Conference in Review.........

Congratulations to the City of New Haven, Indiana and the New Haven Police Department in hosting a phenomenal 2015 A.P.C.A. National Conference that was held September 20-24th. This conference was exceptional in the many training opportunities that were provided both on the field and in the classroom. More than two years of planning were involved in which every small detail was prepared for. Our association extends it's heartfelt thanks, to New Haven Mayor Terry McDonald, New Haven Chief of Police Henry McKinnon, Executive Assistant to the Mayor / 2015 National Coordinator) Deb-Anne Smith, Sgt. Brent Bolinger (2015 National Coordinator), Administrative Assistant Jen Blackburn, Officer Scott Adam and OfficerJonathan Wenzel. We are indebted to each of them for the thousands of hours they unselfishly gave in providing a top rated training conference for this year's participants. It is indeed one that has forever raised the standard.

Deb-Anne Smith Receiving Award

This year's conference was attended by one hundred and thirty five members from eleven states. Guest presenters for the week included Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Bomb Tech Booz Moise (FBI Recognition Course), Special Agent Jason Livingston (Unclassified Overview of Terrorism), Rhode Island State Police (Retired), Roger J. Reardon (Boston Marathon Bombing Case Brief), Attorney John M. Peters (K9 Legal Seminar) and Edward McKaig, D.V.M.(Emergency Vet Care Presentation).

K9 Operations and the Law

Field training included problem solving and certifications, K-9 Boat Deployments, Helicopter Insertion Training with suspect and open area narcotics searches and explosive detection training with peroxides.The association wishes to thank the Lake County Sheriff's Department aviation unit and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for their invaluable support for this weeks training event.

Two notable highlights for this year's conference were the National Awards Dinner and the Public K-9 Demonstration. Nationally renown speaker, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke presented this year's key note address entitled “Law Enforcement in Today's World” during this year's awards ceremonies. Sheriff Clarke was also presented the Key to the City of New Haven by Mayor Terry McDonald. Our association wishes to extend its deepest appreciation to Sheriff Clarke for taking time in his public schedule to give this year's impressive and important address. The association also performed a public K-9 Demonstration at New Haven High School before a packed crowd.

The ninth annual national awards dinner was held on the final night of the conference with over two hundred guests in attendance. Seventeen recipients were presented awards for exemplary professional achievement. 2015 Executive Board Citation Awards went to New Haven Mayor Terry McDonald, New Haven Police Department, Deb-Anne Smith, Sgt. Brent Bolinger, Jen Blackburn, Scott Adam, Officer Jonathan Wenzel and Lake County Sheriff's Department Aviation Unit. Executive Board Citation Awards for Excellence in Service Awards were presented to Roger Reardon, Rhode Island State Police (Retired) and Captain Jeremy Bridges, Bedford Police Department, IN.

The Accreditation Board Professional Excellence Award was presented to Roger Reardon, Rhode Island State Police (Retired) in recognition as a Master Trainer in Patrol, Explosives and Narcotics Detection. The 2015 Narcotics Interdiction Team of the year was presented to Officer Todd M. Bradshaw & K-9 Rafa, Pineville Police Department, NC (United States Department of Homeland Security). The 2015 Patrol Dog Team of the Year (United States Large Level Department) was presented to Deputy Lennie B. Rivera & K-9 Storm, Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office, NC. The 2015 Narcotics Detection Team of the Year (United States Large Level Department) was presented to Sgt. William P. Downey & K-9 Indio, Gaston County Police Department, NC. Deputy Shawn S. Mayer & K-9 Arina, Scott County Sheriff's Department, IN received the 2015 Narcotics Detection Team of the Year (United States Small Level Department). Officer Kevin J. Garber Jr. & K-9 Butch, Hobart Police Department, IN received the 2015 Patrol Dog Team of the Year (United States Medium Level Department). The evenings final award was presented to Officer Kenneth L. Williams & K-9 Mojo, Hobart Police Department, IN for 2015 Narcotics Detection Team of the Year (United States Medium Level Department). Congratulations to each of the individuals and K-9 Partners.

William P. Downey Receiving Award

The final anticipated moment of the awards dinner was the association's raffle prize drawing. Three awards winner were drawn for $7,500.00 in raffle prize money by Sheriff David Clarke for the winning officer's department's K-9 Program funding. The first place prize in the amount of $5,000.00 went to Vice President Denny A. Kunkel, Georgetown Police Department, IN. Second place prize in the amount of $1,500.00 went to Officer Rick Queen, Cherokee NRE, NC. Third place price in the amount of $1,000.00 went to Officer Derrick Devine, Washington Police Department, IN.

Denny A. Kunkel Receiving Award

Denny A. Kunkel, Mayor

Denny A. Kunkel, Others

Denny A. Kunkel Speech Denny A. Kunkel Speaking

On September 21, 2015 the American Police Canine Association conducted it's annual General Membership Meeting at the Holiday Inn Express, Fort Wayne, Indiana. The association held it's election of expired office terms. Offices for election were that of Accreditation Chairman, Grievance Chairman and Director #5. For the Accreditation Chairman's position, the members nominated Robert Lewis and Richard Ryan for the office. For Director #5 members nominated Simon Gresser and Brent Bolinger. For Grievance Chairman, members nominated and voted unanimously for Roger Reardon. Roger Reardon was sworn in as Grievance Chairman during the meeting for a three year term as being uncontested.

Within thirty (30) days of the General Membership Meeting held on September 21st, the A.P.C.A. Membership Chairman per the association's bylaws will forward election ballots to regular members for the purposes of casting their ballots for the contested offices of Accreditation Chairman and Position #5. Instructions will be provided as to the marking and mailing of the ballots. The received ballots will be opened at the 2016 Spring Executive Board Meeting in which the winning candidate will be announced and notified to accept the office until their expired term. Bids were also accepted on the floor to host the 2016 A.P.C.A. National Conference. Bedford, Indiana was unanimously accepted as the hosting location to be hosted by the Bedford Police Department and the Lawrence County Police Department. Conference dates are September 25-29, 2016.

Other business......It is official. On September 2, 2015 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) granted and classified the American Police Canine Association as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. After a year of completing a required documentation process we have accomplished this important business which will be a great asset to the financial stability of our association. Special thanks to association Secretary Shawn S. Mayer who spent months completing this complex process and was the work horse that accomplished this objective for our association.

Certification changes....the Accreditation Board approved a change in the Narcotic Detection Certification Standards. The change adopted is as follows: In addition to the five certification narcotic odors being required to certify in, a team may certify in additional narcotic odors if the handler supplies the odor wishing to be certified in.

New North Carolina Seminar decision......the Accreditation Board approved new changes for future North Carolina's Spring Seminars. The approved change is as follows: In the event a North Carolina Spring Training Seminar is not held for the years 2016 and 2017, the association will offer two certification workshops annually for certification purposes only at this association's expense. There will be no charge to participating teams. Certification workshops will be held in the spring and the fall for two days each. The associaton will be responsible for all Master Trainers travel, lodging, car rental and per diem expenses. There must be a minimum of 10 teams prior to a Master Trainer being assigned to attend. For each additional 15 teams an additional Master Trainer will be assigned to attend. Per Diem will be established and paid by the association at $50.00 per day for expenses.

In closing, 2015 has been an exceptional year for our association, as President I wish to thank each and every member for your support and contributions you have given in making this a proud and professional association which is dedicated to the mission of professional service, education and training.

Sincerest Regards,


Mike Johnson, President
American Police Canine Association

Von Der Haus Gill German Shepherds

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2016 APCA National Conference
September 25-29, 2016
Bedford, IN
Bedford Police Department
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2016 APCA North Carolina Spring Seminar
April 18 - 20, 2016
Cherokee, North Carolina
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2016 APCA Sniff-Off
March 5, 2016
Crown Point, IN
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